Ways to Give

"The better you make the hospital for everyone, the better for yourself if you need it: though heaven knows, no one wishes you better health than we do"

-J.M.T. Finney M.D., First Chief of Staff, UMH


President Bradley S. Chambers speaks about MedStar Union Memorial Hospital.

MedStar Union Memorial hospital has a longstanding legacy of providing clinical excellence and compassionate care, and it is due to the generosity and support of our community members that allows this legacy to continue.

Investing in MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

Your gifts, large and small, are used to advance and improve the quality of care patients receive while visiting our hospital. These gifts are used to offset costs to purchase new medical equipment, upgrade and enhance facilities and fund new programs and services that forward our mission of being a trusted leader advancing health in our community.

Support your Hospital, Support your Community

honor-your-doctorMedStar Union Memorial serves as a not-for-profit, community hospital, academic medical center, and research institution for the greater Baltimore area. In addition, we provide un-reimbursed charity care to our local community annually. So, when you support your hospital, you are also supporting your community!

Getting Involved

There are many ways of giving to MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. If you are considering how to contribute or would like to make a planned gift but are unsure of the best option for you and your family, please call the Office of Philanthropy at 410-554-2662. We look forward to talking with you about giving opportunities at MedStar Union Memorial.

For more information, please contact the Office of Philanthropy at 410-554-2662 or [email protected]
MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, Office of Philanthropy, 201 East University Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21218