Vascular Treatments

It used to be that treatment for vascular problems meant major surgery consisting of a large incision and a lengthy recovery time. But vascular surgeons at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital are leading the way in offering patients minimally invasive techniques in which damaged or weakened arteries and veins are repaired from the inside, through tiny punctures usually in the groin.

Unparalleled Experience with Stent-Graft Repairs

For example, in repairing aneurysms, a stent-graft, or small tube, is placed inside the weakened blood vessel to seal off the aneurysm, preventing further growth and rupture. MedStar Union Memorial's experience with stent-graft repair of aneurysms and other diseases in the aorta is among the most extensive in the country.

This same technique also is used to clear blockages in the carotid arteries in the neck. With carotid stenting, MedStar Union Memorial vascular surgeons use tiny stents to hold the artery open and restore blood flow. And thanks to new brain protection technology (small umbrella-shaped filters), the procedure has become even safer.

What's more, our vascular specialists also can effectively clear blockages in the leg using a variety of devices and placement of stents to keep a vessel open.

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