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Over 85 percent of performing artists experience some type of performance related musculoskeletal complaint (PRMC). Long hours of practice, discipline and concentration, combined with a highly competitive environment, travel and performance anxiety can all contribute to this issue. Almost all artistic hands will experience one episode of of PMRC serious enough to limit participation in their chosen field. 

While "suffering for ones art" may be part of the artistic culture, hand or arm pain is not normal and should not be ignored. The intense hand and arm activities of artistic pursuits can place extraordinary demands on arm and hand tendons, joints and muscles. 

The Curtis National Hand Center is proud to be the premier destination for the care of the performing artist's and entertainer's hand and wrist disorders. Legends of modern music and renowned classical musicians all have chosen our physicians and rehabilitation specialists for their care.

This vast experience has motivated us to develop a special Musician's Clinic that celebrates the artistry while focusing on prevention and treatment of problems. Our musician's clinic is held once a month at The Curtis National Hand Center. Bring your instrument, we have the resources and experience to appreciate subtle nuances in positioning or use patterns that may lead to physical problems. Our hand specialists have treated musicians of all levels of accomplishment.

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