When you are having surgery, you want to know you in the best of hands. The shoulder and elbow surgeons at MedStar Union Memorial teach other orthopaedic surgeons across the United States how to perform shoulder and elbow surgery, and are involved in cutting-edge research to perfect and refine many of these procedures. You should also know that the majority of shoulder and elbow surgeries at MedStar Union Memorial are performed using arthroscopy, a minimally invasive technique with smaller incisions that reduces recovery time and risk of infection.

Shoulder and elbow surgeries performed at MedStar Union Memorial:

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery

The majority of arthroscopic shoulder surgeries at MedStar Union Memorial are performed on an outpatient basis using regional or general anesthesia. Very tiny incisions are made in the shoulder by our shoulder and elbow specialists. Using this minimally invasive, muscle-sparing approach minimizes complications, reduces pain and the risk of infection.

Distal biceps tendon rupture

The distal biceps tendon connects the bicep tendon to the bone at the elbow. It can tear because of heavy lifting and most patients report hearing a pop as the tendon is ruptured. Our shoulder and elbow specialists repair the tendon through a small incision in the forearm to return patients' elbow strength and mobility.

Elbow ligament reconstruction

Our surgeons perform elbow ligament reconstruction to repair dislocated elbows. At MedStar Union Memorial, Anand M. Murthi, MD (Chief, Shoulder and Elbow surgery) has developed a local rotational graft that is taken from muscles near the elbow. Using this graft, he can stabilize the elbow. After surgery, your arm will be in a sling for four to six weeks and your will participate in physical therapy for approximately three months.

Reverse shoulder replacement

Reverse shoulder replacements are performed for a unique group of patients who cannot raise their arms and have torn rotator cuffs and arthritis, including rotator cuff tear arthropathy, shoulder fractures in the elderly, failed shoulder replacements, failed rotator cuff surgery). This is a complex procedure performed by our shoulder specialists for a condition that previously had no effective treatment. For a month after surgery, you will wear a sling and then your surgeon will give you a physical therapy protocol to perform at home.

Tommy John surgery

The Tommy John surgery (named for a famous baseball player) is a medial collateral ligament construction. This ligament, on the inside of your elbow, is responsible for the motion you make when you throw a ball. The reconstruction includes using a tendon to stabilize and repair the elbow.

Total shoulder replacement

If osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have worn down your shoulder joint, a total shoulder replacement may be necessary. During this procedure, the diseased portion of the shoulder joint is removed, and prosthesis is used. Our total joint replacement program at MedStar Union Memorial is the number one such program in Maryland, where we run a patient-centered program that focuses on faster recovery by managing all aspects of the patient experience.

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