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Curtis Work Rehabilitation Services program (CWRS) offers a complete range of services to assist patients in determining their work abilities and rebuilding their strength, skills, and confidence. Our ergonomic consultation and education programs also show employees how to prevent injuries, thus keeping employers' costs down. 

Please note that the following services are available for workers with all conditions and injuries, not just those involving the hand.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

 The functional capacity evaluation tests the client's overall physical tolerances with respect to his/her current or targeted occupation. If no job is targeted, the evaluation can help by identifying the client's abilities for use in further vocational planning.

Work Hardening and Work Conditioning

These programs, which typically last four to six weeks, facilitate the transition of clients from the role of patient to a worker. While both include strengthening, conditioning, job simulations, exercise and education, Work Hardening prepares the client for a specifically identified job while Work Conditioning assists him/her to reach the highest physical level possible when a specific job is not targeted.

Ergonomic Consultation

Offers comprehensive on-site evaluations of a workplace to identify risk factors for cumulative trauma injuries and other work-related injuries. Professional recommendations may include engineering solutions, management controls, medical management concepts, exercise programs and training programs to decrease work-related injuries.

Job Analysis

CWRS provides a professional review and assessment of the workplace for determining the physical demands of a specific job and the physical requirements of an employee to perform the job safely. The service is available independently of any other services to assist in providing thorough, accurate information on the job in question anytime in the process.

Education Programs

CWRS offers a full range of specially tailored on-site educational programs for employers and employees designed to establish or improve ergonomic programs and decrease workplace problems and injuries.

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