curtis-workCurtis Work Rehabilitation Services (CWRS) offers assessment and work rehabilitation for workers with injuries and conditions that affect their ability to perform their jobs. We have a 90-100% return-to-work rate.  Learn more about our program outcomes.

The Regional Leader for Industrial Rehabilitation for  All Types of Work-Related Injuries (Including the Hand)

Opened in the early 1970s, CWRS began as a heavy equipment workshop with the primary purpose of restoring maximum function to industrial workers recovering from traumatic upper extremity injuries. Since then, the program has expanded and become the regional leader in work rehabilitation and the prevention and treatment of all types of work-related injuries including, but not limited to, those involving the hand.

Work Rehabilitation Services

  • Ergonomic Consultation and Job Analysis – On-site evaluations to identify musculoskeletal risk factors, productivity and positive solutions
  • Education programs available offered at job sites
  • FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation) – orientation, fitness screening, and interview with vocational specialists for detailed job demands and through evaluation by therapist, including work simulations.
  • Work Hardening and Work Conditioning – Facilitates transition of clients from the role of patient to worker, through work rehabilitation simulation, functional and condition activities, exercise and education.

work rehabilitation

Specialty Services


Procedures for Referral

Communication is the key to case resolution. Referral sources can expect to be updated frequently on their client's progress and promptly alerted to problems related to worker behaviors, including attendance, compliance and effort. To refer a patient to CWRS, please call 410-554-2170.

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