Our Mission

  • To cater to the needs of the community in respect to meeting pediatric emergencies and referring the patients back to their primary care physicians for follow-up
  • To assist the orthopedic, ear, nose, throat and hand surgeons in managing their pediatric patients
  • To maintain basic pediatric support for the community by providing ambulatory services and conducting health camps

Our Services

  • Pediatric ED services by pediatricians from 1 PM to 11 PM daily
  • 23 observation beds for pediatrics in the ED area
  • After hour availability of pediatricians for consults by phone
  • Pediatric orthopaedic and hand surgical services on selected days
  • Outpatient pediatrics in 33rd street building staffed by doctors and nurse practitioners
  • Outreach community programs
  • Pediatric conferences and continuing medical education (CME) for community pediatricians

“There are newer diseases- HIV, Lyme…but there are fewer instances of meningitis, whooping cough, measles, chicken pox…all because of vaccines.. Younger preemies not only survive but are living better lives. Asthma, though a big problem has much better treatment compared to 20 years ago. Pediatrics has become more outpatient oriented, which is good…!”

-Elaine Wilson, MD
The Art of Healing (150 year MUMH commemorative book, published in 2004)

Call Us Today

To find a pediatric specialist:


Outpatient clinic: 410-554-2696


MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
201 East University Parkway
33rd street building, suite 233
Baltimore, MD 21218