ER Treatments

Exceptional emergency treatment is available through MedStar Health for anything from a serious injury or illness to a mild condition that has not responded to home remedies. With expert physicians and experienced nurses, we offer comprehensive emergency evaluations and treatments—all within a caring and compassionate environment.

What to bring with you to the ER

If you are headed to a MedStar Health Emergency Department, take a few minutes to gather information and items that will make your visit go smoothly. We recommend bringing:

  • A family member or friend: Having someone with you can be emotionally comforting. If your condition is serious, you may need someone to provide information or instructions on your behalf.
  • Identification Cards: Driver's License, Social Security Card and insurance card(s). Insurance information is not required until before you're discharged.
  • List of medications and dosage: This information will help the medical staff avoid prescribing drugs that will interact with medication(s) you're already taking.
  • Primary care physician information: Contact information for your primary care physician is helpful should questions arise.

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