ER Patient Information



You may or may not be able to have visitors while in the treatment room. Your physician will make this decision in your best interest. If you are permitted to have visitors, no more than two visitors may be in the treatment room with you at once. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Other visitors can wait for you in the waiting room or visit our cafeteria on the first floor of the main hospital. We request that visitors refrain from bringing food into the treatment area.


There are five spaces reserved for ED parking on the first level of Garage B. Visitors can park there after dropping off patients at the emergency entrance. If you are parked in the garage, please ask your nurse for a parking pass.


If you are admitted, the ED staff will work with the hospital staff so that you can be taken to your room as quickly as possible.

Length of Stay

The time you spend in the Emergency Department depends on what types of tests and procedures are done. Depending on the test, it can take up to several hours for your results to come back to the emergency physician. Once you have been treated and your test results reviewed, the emergency physician will let you know whether you need to be admitted to the hospital or whether you can be released. If released, your emergency physician may refer you to a physician or a specialty clinic for additional treatment.


If you are discharged from the ED, you will be given discharge instructions, such as how to take your medicine, when to see your doctor and what you can or cannot do with your condition. Your emergency physician also may refer you to a physician or a specialty clinic for additional treatment.

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