Radiation for Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer Radiation

Breast cancer treatments generally involve some combination of radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy. Often, radiation destroys cancer cells that might be left behind after surgery.

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital  in Baltimore brings together a team of experts from a variety of specialties to evaluate your particular case and determine the best treatment plan for you and your family. We tailor every approach we use to your specific needs. We target the breast cancer radiation to spare as much healthy tissue as possible.

There are multiple breast cancer radiation techniques and technologies that can be used to treat breast cancer, listed below.  Cancer treatment is highly personalized and the best treatment for you may include one or more of these techniques

3D Conformal Radiotherapy

This type of therapy sculpts radiation beams to the shape of a tumor and is ideal for irregularly shaped tumors or those close to healthy tissues and organs. Our specialists view a tumor in three dimensions with the help of advanced imaging and deliver radiation beams to the tumor from several directions.

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

IMRT sends tiny beams of radiation that conform to the shape of the breast and the area of risk. This technique allows for different areas to receive different highly-sculpted doses of radiation. IMRT helps protect healthy tissue and critical nearby organs from unnecessary radiation exposure and reduces skin damage around the breast.

Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI)

APBI is an advanced method of internal high-dose radiation used for select breast cancer patients after a partial mastectomy/lumpectomy. It delivers radiation to the area where the tumor was removed and eliminates the need for whole breast radiation.

External beam radiation therapy for Partial Breast Irradiation (PBI)

External beam radiation uses a linear accelerator to aim high-energy radiation beams at the tumor from outside your body. Our specialists treat as small an area of your breast as possible to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your healthy tissue.


Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT), is a single-dose radiation alternative for women with early stage breast cancer. Standard breast cancer radiation treatment can involve five to six weeks of treatment; with IORT, a single dose of radiation is delivered in the operating room immediately following a partial mastectomy/lumpectomy.

The advantages of IORT include

  • A single, low-energy radiation dose delivered internally to the tumor during the surgical procedure.
  • Healthy tissue is exposed to less radiation.
  • This treatment is patient-focused, reducing travel time, physical and psychological stress, and time away from work and family.
  • With IORT, women have the choice of breast-sparing treatment (lumpectomy), without the hassle of five to six weeks of daily breast cancer radiation.

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