Medical Staff Executive Committee


  • Eskandar Yazaji, MD, FACP, Chair
  • Paul Sack, MD, Vice Chair
  • Ritu Prasad, MD, Secretary Treasurer

Department Chiefs and Chairs

  • Robert Andrews, MD
  • Dana Frank, MD
  • Moira Larsen, MD
  • Henry Boucher, MD
  • Daniel Teklay, MD
  • Michelle Towsend-Day, MD
  • Jeremy Weiner, MD

Members at Large

  • Eric Almli, MD
  • Philip Buescher, MD
  • Meghan Checkley, MD
  • Issam Cheikh, MD
  • Shams Quazi, MD
  • Camille Tawil, MD
  • Raghuveer Vallabhaneni, MD
  • Calvin Williams, MD

Ex Officio

  • Bradley Chambers, President


  • Stuart Bell, MD, Vice President, Medical Affairs
  • Karen Owings, Vice President, Patient Care Services
  • Peter Kuehl, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Dawn Motovidlak, Chair of Board of Directors