MedStar Union Memorial Hospital has established mechanisms and professional criteria for appointment and reappointment of its medical staff members as well as for granting and reviewing hospital-specific clinical privileges.

Medical Staff Services is responsible for verification of healthcare providers’ education, training, licensure, work experience and competence in performing specific procedure patient care responsibilities.  

Reappointment and dues

  • Reappointments take place every two years.
  • Physicians whose last names begin A–L are reappointed during even years.
  • Physicians whose last names begin M–Z are reappointed during odd years.
  • A two-year claims history from all insurance carriers in the past two years must accompany your reappointment application.
  • To ensure that information will be processed in a timely manner, physicians will need to apply to the insurance carriers for claims history at the beginning of June in your reappointment year.
  • Copy of updated licenses is required.
  • Updated Certificate of Insurance listing MedStar Union Memorial Hospital as the Certificate Holder.
  • Reappointment applications are mailed at the beginning of March in the reappointment year.

MedStar Union Memorial has a biannual payment system for Medical Staff dues. Staff dues are typically paid during your reappointment year and returned with your reappointment application. All checks are made payable to Visiting Staff Fund.


Reappointment Application

Fax completed form to 410-554-2505 or mail to: 

Medical Staff Services
201 East University Parkway,
33rd Street Professional Building, Room 257
Baltimore, Maryland 21218