Family Affair – Mother and Daughter Nurses

NancyCiminoNancy Cimino and Sarah Bayne have more in common than genetics. The mother and daughter duo also share similar employment, both as registered nurses at MedStar Union Memorial.

In fact, MedStar Union Memorial and nursing have long been a part of this family - and never more so than today. Nancy, who is nurse manager of the Emergency Department, can mark more than 29 years of service at MedStar Union Memorial. And since 2002, her daughter Sarah has worked on the geriatric care unit.

"[MedStar] Union Memorial always has been about nursing," Nancy said, "and when your children follow you into the same profession and also work in the same place, that says something good about the job and employer."

Although Nancy had an interest in nursing early on, Sarah at first hoped to be a pediatrician. But nursing quickly became more attractive and her mother's career had a big influence on her decision.

"I saw how much she enjoyed her job and the satisfaction she got out of it," said Sarah. "I wanted to be at the bedside and have a family life as well."

A nurse extern program at MedStar Union Memorial helped set Sarah's nursing career in motion. The nurse extern program is an opportunity for senior student nurses to gain valuable experience providing patient care while working side-by-side with a registered nurse at MedStar Union Memorial. Student Nurse externs also benefit from orientation and educational sessions.

"It takes a lot of patience and compassion when caring for older patients," said Sarah, who is close to completing a master's degree program for nurse practitioners. "You have to be sensitive to their needs and understand what they are going through."

For Nancy, it's the people and work environment that make MedStar Union Memorial where she wants to be.

"I've made so many friendships here and always felt supported as a nurse," she said. "With my daughter working here, it's a great resource to have each other."

And while their nursing careers have taken different paths, both mother and daughter agree they can't imagine doing anything else.

"When you're a nurse, you're always a nurse. It's a meaningful and rewarding job," said Nancy. "I still enjoy going to work each day."