iCarealways Customer Service Program

At some point or another, we are all customers. As a customer, you know how important it is to be treated with respect and kindness. That is why we practice the philosophy of iCarealways, which means we strive to always be Courteous, Attentive, Responsive and Engaged in everything we do. Each team member has made a commitment to put our patients' needs first and respect his or her team members.

We strongly believe in our iCarealways program. It has brought a renewed commitment to patient care and new energy and enthusiasm to the unique culture of MedStar Union Memorial. Please take a moment to read more about our iCarealways program.


Choose to have a great attitude. Be conscious of your mood and realize that bringing a smile to your work will be contagious to your patients and fellow associates.

Welcome warmly, smile and listen. Go out of your way to help others, make eye contact, introduce yourself and remember that first impressions last. Escort, direct and be friendly to patients, visitors and team members. Listen attentively and when people complain, show understanding.


Anticipate needs, respond quickly and exceed expectations. You often know what people need before they have to ask. Don't wait. Act first. Remember, customers are our reason for being here. Make their experience the best it can be.

Have pride in our hospital, pick up after yourself and others and alert environmental services when you see an opportunity.

Be professional in the way you act and look. Speak positively of MedStar Union Memorial and your department. Wear a prominent name badge, act confident, yield the right of way to patients in halls and elevators, and work toward maintaining a fun but respectful atmosphere to ensure a great patient experience.


Keep people informed. Tell people what to expect. Check back and apologize for delays. Remember that when people are worried and waiting, every minute seems like an hour.

Own and fix problems. Have a "can do" positive attitude. Accept responsibility for making it right for patients, visitors and fellow associates. Follow up on questions, concerns and complaints quickly, courteously and thoroughly.


Remember to be there 100 percent for patients, visitors and fellow associates. Be thoughtful, attentive and sensitive. Focus on their needs and find ways to include them during the course of your day.

Thank patients, visitors and team members. Show appreciation for their being a great patient, supportive relative or devoted team member. Encourage people to return for other services as needed. Let people know that you are proud of your unit, department and hospital and of the great care and service you provide.