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 Pictured left to right: Drs. Prao, Kovacs and Kindschi

Sports injuries treated at the Arnold Palmer SportHealth Center

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital has offered the preeminent orthopaedic and sports medicine program to serve patients from all walks of life in this region and from around the world for more than 25 years. This program treats sports injuries as well as other musculoskeletal injuries caused by non sport related activities.

Whether you are a professional athlete, adolescent athlete, a weekend warrior, an active adult or experience overuse pain, sports injuries or injuries from work-related or household activities, you have access to unparalleled, world-class physicians and professional staff and cutting edge medical care at the Arnold Palmer SportsHealth Center at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. See a sports medicine physician within 48 hours of contacting our office, and be fast-tracked to the appropriate service or specialist immediately.

Through the Arnold Palmer SportsHealth Center, patients will have access to the orthopaedic experts at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital. This includes subspecialty physicians in spine, foot and ankle, hip and knee, shoulder and elbow, as well as specialists at  The Curtis National Hand Center for further care or treatment.  

 We provide:

  1. An evaluation with a sports medicine trained physician within 48 hours of calling our office
  2. Referrals for diagnostic testing (if necessary)
  3. A comprehensive treatment plan with next steps which may include:
    • Medications
    • Surgical/specialist evaluation
    • Rehab/physical therapy
    • Home program

Common Conditions and Sports Injuries We Treat

  • Rotator cuff tears (shoulder)
  • Tennis elbow
  • ACL tears (knee)
  • Meniscus tears (knee)
  • Achilles tendon tears
  • Ankle fractures/sprains
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Herniated discs/Sciatica
  • Low back strain
  • Muscle strains or sprains
  • Tendonitis
  • Joint pain

The Arnold Palmer SportsHealth Center is part of MedStar Sports Medicine, the official medical team for the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals, Baltimore Blast, US Lacrosse and the majority of collegiate athletic programs in central Maryland.

Our FIIT Families In It Together program invites children of all sizes and athletic abilities to work with our team towards improved health and fitness.  Our team of experts can help your child achieve better health by developing and maintaining healthy habits through the a customized program for your child's/families health needs and goals.

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